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Maxim Chechenev

Engineering Manager
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Hi, I'm Maxim. Nice to meet you!

For the past 3 years, I've been working as an Engineering Manager. My latest position was at Shopify. Prior to transitioning to the management path, I spent 9 years working on frontend development.

Two years ago, I began working as a frontend mentor to share my knowledge with everyone eager to learn about frontend development. I found this experience to be truly amazing. It's incredibly rewarding to witness growth and see the initial steps into the professional industry. As a result, I'm committed to continuing this endeavor – sharing my experiences and knowledge.

I firmly believe that learning should be both simple and enjoyable.

My approach to mentoring is as follows:

- It revolves around you and your current needs. There's no one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone. Therefore, my mentorship is always personalized. We will establish goals and actions while respecting your valuable time.
- I value transparency and honesty. Constructive feedback is crucial in the learning process. Naturally, it should be delivered in a positive and supportive manner. I hope for the same level of openness from you, as mentorship is a mutual process where both parties contribute and aid one another.
- I encourage you to dream big, and I will put forth my best effort to assist you in reaching your aspirations.

I am capable of assisting with various topics, including:

-Frontend mentoring
- Career coaching – covering how to commence your journey, selecting a specialization, your growth, and more.
- Interview preparation – offering assistance with CVs, conducting mock interviews, practicing coding interview scenarios, and so on.
- Leadership and team management
- anything else

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