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Gain confidence in your self-expression using the English language through a mentorship with me!

I am a former teacher turned business professional with specific experience helping ESL professionals fine tune their resumes and prepare for interviews, as well as preparing and practising presentations. In addition, I have worked for Meta and now Klarna, and gained 5 years of experience with stakeholder management, data analysis and insights, presentations, and public speaking. I can work with you to bolster your skills and your confidence communicating in English in a professional setting, whether you have a job currently or are on the hunt for one.

As a teacher, I supported young adults as they considered what future education and careers might suit them best through the exploration of their interests, current skills, and options for development. I myself had a change of career from teaching to the tech industry, and I would also love to support you while you consider a new career or a change in direction.

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