Michael Crilly

Senior DevOps Engineer @ Upload Academy
15+ years in the industry; 6,000+ students taught; thousands of hours mentoring - say hello :)
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I'm here to help people with 0-1 years of experience break into the industry or leverage what they have to get deeper and higher into it. The most common problems for people coming into DevOps are, "What technologies do I pick?" and "What do I learn first?" These two questions can prevent someone from breaking into the industry and leave them lost and confused.

I've spent years mentoring people, engineers and students, helping them to navigate the confusion and select the right technologies. These technology choices are based on what employers want and how the industry is moving (and in what direction.) Without this guidance many of my students would have been left behind by the industry.

Knowing what to learn first is also a critical issue. If you select the wrong order of topics then it's easy to confuse yourself and learn the wrong things. My students are given a clear list of topics with priority and order to ensure they're studying as efficiently as possible.

Without mentoring you can waste hundreds, even thousands, of hours studying the wrong materials, in the wrong order, eventually leading to frustration and giving up.

With mentoring you'll invest a small amount of time and money to avoid falling into that trap. Instead of failing or giving up, you gain a guide who can help you go in the right direction, overcome technical problems quickly and accelerate your learning.

But what about me? I've been doing DevOps for over ten years. I've written a book. I've got a YouTube channel. I've made video courses. I've got close to 6,000 students. I love helping and enabling other people to be better versions of themselves.

If you want to know how companies are doing DevOps, what tools they're using and how-to use them, apply today.

I hope we get to connect soon :-)

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

Michael is great! His years of industry experience definitely come through in his advice. He goes out of his way to make time and answer any questions. Definitely recommend.



5 out of 5 stars



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

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