Mike Heap

Senior Product Manager @ Independent Consultant 10+ years of Product Management, Finance and Start-up experience
United Kingdom Active last month


Howdy 👋!

Starting a company is without question one of the highest impact things you can do in your life, but also the hardest.

I have spent years accumulating knowledge from working with start-ups, on my own start-ups and with corporate innovation labs, learning a ton of lessons along the way. I now love speaking with inspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious people and seeing how I can help increase their chances of success by sharing this knowledge and accelerating their career journies or to product-market fit and beyond.

I have mentored hundreds of people through their careers (at all levels from staff to CEO) and in the early stages of their businesses while working in roles ranging from Head of Innovation and Senior Product Management and Project Management.

I have helped mentees to focus on what matters and hold themselves accountable, change careers and find the roles they really wanted to do and provide feedback on business ideas, models and designs.



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