Mingda Tang

Product Designer @ Salesforce, Previously Lecturer at San Jose State
Let me help you get that new job and get better at what you do!
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Hi! I'm Mingda. I am an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based UX designer who is super passionate about helping others become better versions of themselves! I've been in the UX industry since 2017 and have been working full-time for 4 years. I am currently a Product Designer at Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

My number one passion is to help others become better versions of themselves and UX design is a field that I'd love to invest more of my time in to help others.

Outside of work, I'm passionate about and take time to do a lot of things: singing, acting, hip-hop music, strength training, education, and mentoring others. I've taught an interaction design class with about a dozen master's and bachelor's students on my own at San Jose State University.

I've coached many of my connections in UX design, strength training, and general life advice. For example, I've given advice to a handful of people regarding weight loss and strength training after losing 94lbs myself in 9.5 months.

No matter where you are in your UX and life journey, I'd love to offer some advice and/or help. Let me help you speed things up a little!

Can't wait to hear from you :)

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