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Hi everyone, I’m mubeen and it's a pleasure to e-meet everyone

I am working as a Senior UX/UI Design at Telus Canada. I also mentor at Careerfoundry & ADP List.

Are you thinking of UX as a Career Change or Its been sometime since you progressed in your UX Career?

Making the transition into any new field is hard, and the complex world of UX is no exception but it's not Rocket Science.

I can help you with Career Mapping, Resume/Portfolio Review, Career & Job Guidance, Interview Preparation with Mock Interviews

With my guidance, you'll learn the strategies that my mentees have used to hack the UX job market. Like how to…

- Craft a UX portfolio that attracts the attention of UX directors
- Leverage your previous experience (no matter what job) to transition into UX
- Know exactly what to say in UX interviews and handle challenging questions
- Brand yourself to stand apart from every other “UX/UI Designer” in the market

Visit my portfolio:

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