Namit Ohri

Senior Data Scientist @ Wunderflats
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Hello everyone,

My name is Namit Ohri. I am an Indian national currently working as a Senior Data Scientist in Berlin, Germany. I have been working in the field of machine learning for over 5 years. My expertise lies in building recommendation systems but I have also built other kinds of ML models(eg. Churn Prediction, Forecasting, Offer Propensity Scoring, etc.)

Throughout my career, I have been provided with the opportunity to research on a variety of machine learning algorithms which can leverage big data to come up with the best models that can have valuable business impact. Across multiple projects, I have worked on every bit of the data science pipeline including problem formulation, data analysis, data processing, feature engineering, predictive modeling and deploying models in production. Also, working with the marketing and product partners has improved my interpersonal skills and the ability to convey complex technical information to non-technical colleagues by effectively visualizing data.

Looking forward to e-meet you!

What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Namit is one of the best mentors that i ever had. His support was priceless and it was a pleasure to learn from him. The goals were complex with the creation and integration of machine learning predictive algorithms in Django, Celery, AWS, and database management. All is working perfectly. I strongly recommend Namit's mentorship to everyone.



5 out of 5 stars

He is very nice,intelligent and understanding


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