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I'm a technical founder of a YCombinator funded startup in the AI space. I have built a lot of expertise in building, scaling and maintaining critical production systems. My recent area of focus is scalable cloud infrastructure - especially for AI products. I have created and supported different MLOps services used directly by hundreds of Data Scientists.

I co-founded FloydHub and built a cloud ML training and deployment solution. FloydHub was part of YCombinator W17 batch and supported by top-tier VCs and angels. I also have worked in leadership roles at Stitch Fix and Avast. I have been responsible for hiring and managing teams, setting technical direction and delivering high quality products.

If you are a start up founder or a engineering leader, I'm happy to be your partner in figuring out a wide range of problems - from scaling your technical solution, build vs buy decisions, hiring and building a stellar team, working with customers and investors. I can share my experience and learnings to help you pick a good option given the constraints.

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