Natalia Lumen

Founder & CEO @ ThyForLife, ex-Bain
Management consultant, private equity advisor, entrepreneur/ healthtech startup founder
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Natalia Lumen is the Founder & CEO of ThyForLife Health Inc., an award-winning mobile platform built for the 400M people with thyroid conditions worldwide to effectively manage and optimize their health. After living with thyroid cancer and experiencing the pains of managing one’s health data, Natalia sought to provide a solution for all thyroid conditions. Since launching in 2020, Natalia has been named a “Trailblazing Women to Watch in 2021”, 2020 Global Awards Winner of “Women-led Start Up of the Year”, and has been featured for her business acumen in a variety of outlets including NASDAQ, Crunchbase, BC Business, Tuck Magazine, and in 2021 became a featured guest speaker at Harvard University. Previously, Natalia was a manager at a leading strategy consulting firm, Bain & Co, and had a successful tenure at the World Bank and European Bank. A 3x entrepreneur, Natalia holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and is based in Canada.



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