Natalja Sapoznikova

Senior UX/UI Designer in Fintech Field @ 28Stone Consulting
10+ years of experience in UX/Product Design Field
Latvia 5.0 (1 review) Active last month


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Hello! My name Natalja and I am based in small European city Riga. I work in this exciting UX field around 10 years. Currently working within Finance industry as UX/UI Designer in 28Stone company based in New York. I am helping to craft designs for complex Fintech Applications. Also got about 3 years of mentoring other students around the globe to help them get their first job in UX Field.

Will be happy to help you overcome challenges on your UX career journey, provide constructive feedback, give creative and unique insights built through my experience working in multiple tech companies around the globe.

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Natalja is a great mentor, She is very hands on!

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