Newton Queiroz

Chief Strategy Officer @ Europ Assistance
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Before getting into my professional and educational background, let me take a moment to say that I used to doubt that a mentor could in fact help me. Why? Simple, I was not looking for a mentor, I was looking for someone that would solve my problems and guarantee a successful future.
While a mentor can support such goals, the main responsibility of success (in whatever you do in life) is ours. Once I realized this, and looked for the right mentor, my view changed drastically (to the point I am mentoring today). By right mentor I mean – someone that you can connect, trust, talk and listen, and has experience that is valuable to you.
Now, how can I help you? Well, first and foremost, for me mentorship is a give and take, or better is learning of both paths. Having said that, I had (since very young age) to learn to live with changes, meaning I do understand the pain, anxiety, and other aspects it brings, however, I learned also to see the positive side of it.
My experiences are multicultural and can fit many individuals, which is positive as it can help clearing doubts that have to do more with culture than with your capacity as a professional.
Most important – for me, the exercise of mentoring must work for both sides. Hence, you can count that I will do my best and in case we see is not a fit, I will be the first to say and point you in a better way regarding mentoring.
Now, am I the right person to you? Let us have a chat and find out – the least we will take from this activity is to increase our network.


Motivated by teamwork and learning from as many people as possible. Contact with different cultures, views, generations, and others; it is very enriching and makes me always be thinking about new ideas.

After twenty years in the corporate, I discovered that my desire is to achieve three great purposes: 1) increase in the safety net for society through insurance (social inclusion) 2) Support the largest number of people in their careers 3) Significantly increase inclusion in the insurance industry

Brief Professional History

Professional with solid experience in the Executive Direction of multinationals, handling operations at national and Latin America level, working in strategic business planning, development and leadership of projects focused on market expansion, structuring operations and high performance teams.

- Expertise in building relationships with key customers, creating partnerships, liaising with regulatory bodies, and managing teams

- Strong performance in the development and implantation of culture, creation of inclusion and diversity actions and groups, development of talent retention programs and general operations management.

International professional experience in Mexico (three years), Canada (five years), Germany and England (for six months), studying in Canada and Puerto Rico as a teenager and traveling to the USA and Switzerland with participation in global meetings, renewing contracts and training courses.

2020 - Regonized as best insurance executive of the year 2020 by popular vote
2019 – Best Turn Around and Capital Results (voted and award by Senior Leadership).
2017 – Named Rising Star by Intelligent Insurer (only Professional in Latin America).
2017 – Part of the deal Team that won Best Deal of the Year for CorSo Latin America.
2017 – Part of the deal Team that won Best Deal of the Year for CorSo Latin America.
2017 – Part of the deal Team that won Best Deal of the Year for CorSo Latin America.
2015 – Part of the deal team that won Best Deal of the Year for CorSo Latin America.
2014 – Chosen as the only Latin American to integrate GMDP Class in Swiss Re.
2012 – Ranked as number 1 employee in the Latin America Region for CorSo (Exceptional).
2011 – Named best Direct at Aon voted by clients and peers.
2010 – Named best Director at Aon voted by clients.
2007 – Premium of excellence from Allianz as new area with the best result.
2005 – Named as Best Marine Broker of the year by IRB Brazil Re.

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