Nguyen Tran-Ngo

Product Designer @ Fonoa
10+ years of experience in Design and Advertising
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$180 / month

Best suited for career changers that are looking to transition into UX, digital product design

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Hi there, I'm Nguyen [nwin] 👋. I'm a Product Designer with over 10 years of experience working in start-ups and agencies. During my career, I have solved product and user problems for Google, Uber, Zoom, Spotify, Netflix, etc. Prior to that, I was a Creative Director in the Advertising industry.

My passion is to solve meaningful problems, advocate for humans (users) and help businesses thrive. With this, I have successfully transitioned my career into Product Design.

As a mentor I can help you:
- Assess your current aspiration for UX, Product design to transition into this field
- Build an on-point portfolio that could get you hired
- Hone your storytelling and presentation skills
- Create a results-oriented resume and cover letter
- Prepare you for job interviews, whiteboard challenges and take-home assignments
- Devise a job search strategy that will land you your dream job
- Come up with a personal development plan to expand your skills and advance your UX career
- Regular check-ups to help you stay on track with your development
- and much more.

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