Nick Bilozerov

Senior Data Engineer @ Stripe
10+ years of experience in Software Development, mentoring and helping people in their career
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🚀 Are you yearning to embark on a thrilling career shift into the Data/ML domain, yet uncertain about where to begin?
🔎 Seeking guidance on navigating a career change?
⭐️ In pursuit of your dream job and need expert assistance to make it a reality?
📈 Eager to advance your career but in need of the right guidance? Look no further – just reach out to me.

My areas of expertise encompass:

🤖 Data/Machine Learning / Data Science:
💭 I can guide you on how to navigate the vast landscape of Data and ML.
💭 Discover the perfect starting point for your data-driven career journey.
💭 Successfully transition from your current role to a rewarding path in Data.
💭 Cultivate a data-driven mindset to excel in this domain.

📈 Career Journey:
💭 Uncover the secrets to finding and securing the job of your dreams with joy.
💭 Attain greater success and growth in your professional endeavors.
💭 Overcome obstacles and chart a course for progress.
💭 Flourish in a multicultural work environment.

🌎 Adapting to a New Corporate Culture:
💭 Assimilate smoothly into the corporate culture of Europe or America.
💭 Navigate the specifics of working with diverse cultures in different countries.
💭 Leverage your cultural background to drive career success.

As a former Full Stack Software Engineer who discovered a new passion for designing and building robust data systems, I bring over 10 years of rich experience in Software Development, with the last 7 years dedicated to the dynamic realms of Data and ML. From constructing data pipelines and delivering data products in collaboration with Data Scientists to crafting ML and Data platforms across diverse domains such as retail, food delivery, transportation, and fintech, my expertise spans far and wide.

Having worked in both Europe and America for multinational corporations, I possess an insightful perspective on both markets. My intrinsic passion for mentoring and sharing knowledge motivates me to offer comprehensive coaching and guidance, ranging from technical expertise to career development and transitioning.

It would be an honor to accompany you on your journey of growth and success.

Feel free to connect with me, and let's forge a path together.

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