Nikita Polischuk

Head of Expansion @ VanOnGo
8+ years launching succesful projects from scratch, Google camp resident
Poland Active 5 months ago


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I believe that there is nothing impossible and every goal can be reached much faster with a non-standard way of thinking. I can share my knowledge of how to adapt your product and strategy to reach a fast scale/fundraising. 20+ acceleration programs, 50+ VCs

I have been launching :
- IT educational platform with the highest monthly subscription on the market;
- food delivery application being the 6th company on the market without a marketing budget;
- last-mile delivery without own cars and drivers, just having software;
- tourism agency with the best prices on the market without even a license;

Was it possible with standard approaches? - No

Please remember :
-there is no competition on the market unless you are going to copy existing solutions;
-doesn't matter how your job role sounds like if you are acting as an owner;
-the quality of your product is your best marketing;
-if kids don't understand how to use your solution it's too complicated;

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