Nithya Rathinasababathy

Engineering manager @ Deliveroo
10 + years of experience in s building a high performing and scalable software engineering teams
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As a mentor,I can play a critical role in guiding and supporting aspiring engineers or junior managers to achieve their career goals. Being a natural leader and people manager I work to provide guidance on technical skills, soft skills, communication, and project management, which I have been doing for a decade.

I strongly believe that mentoring is a two-way process where both parties can learn and benefit from each other's experience and perspective. As a mentor, you can help your mentees develop their skills and confidence while also learning new things from them.

I am here to support you in any way I can, whether it's answering your questions, providing insights, or helping you connect with others in your field. Let's work together to make a positive impact in the engineering community!

I get immense satisfaction in growth of my folks and make the journey as fun as possible.

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