My name is Norbert, and I'm a Software Technical Leader at Pay Point UK.

You can find me on:

I can:
- Help with choosing a career path (Fron-Back-FullStack-Lead/Architect).
- Advise with first steps in the programming world, focused on Microsoft - Technology Stack.
- Advise what is essential when transferring from Software Developer into a Lead role.
- Advise how to be a viable software team member, get visibility and improve your soft skills.
- Do Architecture/Design/Code Review of your project.
- Share knowledge about technology and architecture (C# and Microsoft Technology Stack).
- Share knowledge about being a good team leader.
- Estimate the development efforts of your ideas and help with team composition.

The Technical Leader role requires me to be an expert in technology and the same good with dealing with people and business.
I'm an expert in C# programming, strongly experienced with Microsoft technology stack, including Azure Cloud.
Besides strong backend skills, I worked with multiple front-end frameworks, including Angular, React, Razor and Blazor.
Across years of my professional experience, I had an opportunity to work with an entire product life cycle - starting from analysis and workshops and ending on production-ready software release and maintenance.
I had a chance to work for small and big organisations, which helped me understand different perspectives on processes and ways to deliver and deal with code quality, business requirements and whole team workflows in different environments and work dynamics.

Besides that, I'm the author of Medium articles around software architecture, programming and team-leading.

It will be a pleasure to help you and share the knowledge that I have gained after years of professional programming.

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