Driven and passionate Fullstack Data Scientist / ML Engineer who excels at developing elegant Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions at scale. With hands-on experience in developing end-to-end Machine Learning solutions in production and a user-oriented understanding of challenges involved in building impactful ML products, I can assist you in your journey towards becoming a full-stack ML Engineer.

I have developed and deployed solutions in Computer Vision, NLP, Speech Processing, Digital Twin, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), and Reinforcement Learning. I have experience deploying cloud solutions in the Azure environment and a strong foundational understanding of Python, Pytorch and Tensorflow.

I enjoy working on projects that have a real-world impact. For example, recently, we concluded Phase 1 of a project where we cut the energy usage of a data centre by nearly 5%, which is equivalent to the yearly energy usage of around 500 houses in Amsterdam.

Come join me in this journey of growth and curiosity!

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