Pavel Safronov

Software Engineer @ Meta
ex-FAANG software engineer
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Hi! I'm an engineer with 12 years of experience. My main passion till now was distributed systems, and I've spent most of my career working with them. My most recent job is Facebook, where I've spent three years and was involved into building the largest MySQL database in the world as well as a task scheduler for running hardware maintenances at scale.

On the side, I kept learning algorithms and spent quite a significant amount of time doing that for no particular reason (I just kind of like it). You can check out my leetcode profile I also spent a couple of years building a learning group that was aimed at solving hard leetcode problems, so thanks to that, I also have teaching experience.

Here are the main topics I can help you to develop:
* Site reliability engineering
* Coding in Python
* Leetcode skills and algorithmic interview preparation
* Databases

I believe my knowledge will be most beneficial to individuals who're
* Looking to land a job at one of the Big Tech companies (or others having a similar interview process)
* Pursuing the SRE career path

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