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Peter Teichner

DevSecOps Coach/Mentor/Architect @ Collabify
DevSecOps coaching | achitecture | business director | 18+ years in IT
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Are you interested in integrating different technologies? Do you like scripting and networks? Do you like structure and want to create workflows? Do you enjoy agile techniques and are passionate about tech? Your background doesn't matter, your attitude is what's important.

I can help you take the leap into the world DevSecOps and Continuous Delivery. With my mentoring, I can help you become more confident and find your path to success. I can help you with your next career move and learn about trending technologies.

I have been passionate about mentoring people in my daytime job for several years and helped transition from a single disciplined role such as the one above to the world of DevOps, DevSecOps, and Continuous Delivery with all its quirks. By increasing your confidence you will be better positioned to share your knowledge, integrate into multiple teams and influence without authority.

I'm a DevSecOps consultant and company director with over 17 years of professional experience having been involved in a multitude of domains and both public and private sectors. I have worked for large multinational companies such as Microsoft and GE, worked with clients from the Public Sector in the UK and small start-ups as well. I have led smaller and larger teams and focused on delivering quality and value.

I live and breathe Continuous Delivery, especially in a secure domain and I'm advocating the DevOps culture in every project. I'm a Jenkins-certified engineer, creating thousands of lines of scripts to automate deployment, promotion and other processes. I have worked with AWS and Azure with cloud components deploying Terraform, Ansible, and on-prem infrastructure.

I speak Hungarian and English natively.

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