Philip Papasavvas

Data Lead @ Oak Data Solutions
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Hi, my name is Philip and I've been working in the Data world for almost 10 years! I have experience predominantly in Software Engineering and Data Engineering, and I've been lucky enough to work across a range of different sectors, from Financial Services (risk modelling for derivatives) and Insurance to Shipping and Aviation, including a short period working in Management Consulting.

I have experience working across different geographies and timezones, so I'm keen to connect and pass on any advice/tips that I've been lucky enough to pick up from others, and general life experience.

I'm looking to mentor professionals with any level of experience, either to bounce ideas off, serving as a sounding board, or offering advice for those tricky work situations that many of us have had in our lives.

I currently run my own Data consultancy, where I work with startups and large companies to help them to take advantage of the data they have, how they can glean insights and improve efficiency.

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