Piyush Sagar mishra

Director, Strategy & Analytics @ Twilio
12 years of experience in Data Science, Growth & Strategy
Singapore Active 6 months ago


$240 / month

Hit me up for analytics/Data science deployments, interviews, career qsns, brainstorming and more.

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Thanks for visiting my page - I’m excited to be able to support you in your Data sciences journey, and I'll make sure we tailor our sessions to you and your goals. Currently, I lead Twilio's Marketing Strategy & Analytics efforts, and have 11+ years of experience setting up large-scale analytics capabilities and centers of-excellence for enterprises.

In the past, I have led Boston Consulting Group's data science projects for some of the largest companies in South-east Asia, and drove Mu Sigma's analytics engagements in North America and Europe. I love tackling customer growth and lifecycle management problems, and advise some of Asia's emerging startups on their data-science strategies.

Please do not hesitate in reaching out, as I look forward to working with you!

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