Rafael Guerra

Partner @ IMPOX Consulting
5+ years in Venture Capital, Strategy, Consulting and Arbitration


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Hi, my name is Rafael Guerra – I currently work as a Partner in Consulting at the Impox. I have switched sides two times now, I have worked at one of the biggest startups in Brazil as Operations Strategy Associate before joining the corporate world.

As a strategy consultant and investment banker, I was able to build a strong background in finance and management, with both the external strategist and the practitioner view. Well, I also worked at a startup so I really understand how environments and expectations change quickly and dynamics works.

With an academic background both in finance and strategy, you can expect the all-time presence of an optimistic strategist and a skeptic financist. A-not-so-common trait neither in strategists nor in financists.

I advised and coached startup founders and people switching careers from all across the globe, and I've co-founded myself some great names in the Proptech field – I strongly believe a coaching or mentoring process is built upon relationships, two or more people running together to achieve a common goal.

I really would love the opportunity to work with new and upcoming co-founders, consultants, investment bankers, etc. I've had a lot of help throughout my journey, a lot of willing people advised, mentored and coached me throughout this process – so I am here to help, to offer my best and to transfer knowledge, expertise and hands-on experience to anyone willing to hear.

Well, you can expect something more like a journey with the pace designed to your own needs – nothing here goes faster than you can take, nothing here goes harder than you can take. Nothing here goes anywhere you don't want to go – everything here is specially designed towards your goal.

A mentoring is like a partnership, and all sides should be ok with expectations in their field and areas – it is also built upon trust.

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
6 months

Rafael is a great mentor! Has helped me many times so far. Don't look any further, this is your guy.

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