Rajeev Kumar

Founder @ myetyn
7+ years in Product Management
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Hello, mentees!👋 I'm Rajeev Kumar, your guide in the exciting world of tech products!

For over a decade, I've thrived on creating impactful solutions fueled by user needs and business growth. My journey began with a strong foundation in Electronics and Communications Engineering, leading me to software engineering. But my passion soon shifted to understanding users.

This led me to Product Management, where I tackled diverse projects. A highlight was launching a new B2B vertical at Mumzworld, exceeding expectations with over 4.2 million AED in revenue within a year by aligning merchant needs with business goals.

Most recently, I applied my expertise to the hospitality industry at Kabuk Style. This experience broadens my understanding of user needs across sectors.

I bring you a powerful blend: technical knowledge, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to user-centric design. Whether you're into AI, B2C, B2B, or hospitality tech, I'm here to help you craft solutions that users love and businesses value.

Let's unlock your potential together in the ever-evolving world of tech products!

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