Raúl Marín
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Front End Engineer and Mentor @ Freelancer

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Hi everybody 👋!

I am Raúl, a computer engineer and experienced web developer who loves mentoring new devs. 💗

For more than 🔟 years I have worked in different companies as a full-stack developer and also both in frontend and backend roles. Along this amazing ride, I've helped and taught quite a few great developers. 💻

I'm patient, friendly and well organized, and I'll tell you another thing, I love developing web applications, and that's why one of my goals is to transmit that passion to my mentees. 🚀

If you choose me as your mentor, I will:
► Help you define and understand your learning goals
► Put together a plan based on your goals
► Help you understand complex concepts
► Provide exercises
► Offer quality code review feedback
► Help you when you are stuck
► Help you prepare for a coding interview
► Provide a weekly 1 on 1 meeting

Here is what I can help you with:
► Front-end development using React, NextJS, Redux, HTML, CSS, SASS...
► Server-side development using any of the following technologies: Node, JavaScript, TypeScript, ASP.Net Core, C#
► Unit and Integration Testing
► Implementing Clean Code and applying SOLID principles
► More general programming help in C#, JavaScript, TypeScript

Let me be clear, becoming a good software developer is difficult! During my career, I've found myself in situations that almost made me give up. Having someone who listens to you 🦻 and can help you makes all the difference! Contact me and I will be more than happy to help you! 🧡

What students say

"The introductory call with Raúl was very clarifying. He made me feel comfortable from the first minute, and I can already tell he is a great mentor."
Erika, October 2021
5 stars

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