Hi! I've been leading and teaching technologists and tech-enabled businesses for over 20 years in various startups I have grown. I learned coding as a child, studied (what we now call) data science in school, and have worked in finance, consulting, and building a series of software startups with various technologies: Tensorflow, Swift, Objective C, React, React Native, Typescript, Node.js, Visual Basic, Solidity... the list goes on.

I'm super practical about technology and how we can cut our cost and time through good tooling. If I can help you find a shorter, easier path, I will. That's why I investigate the integration of quality nocode services into a stack - where is there an opportunity to radically cut costs and improve velocity?

My love is teaching people to be better technologists. Help them see the problem and resolve the issue, rather than just lay my hands on the keyboard. I'm hoping to do this as a Codementor as well!

I bring this teaching approach to community participation and events as well as my companies and 1-1 teaching. I've spoken at a number of conferences and meetups on React Native, Swift, AR, and machine learning. Currently, I run a Group Mentoring meetup for people interested in React.js, as well as helping where I can with humans coming up.

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