Richard Leader

Fractional CMO @ Fractional Leaders Ltd
Fractional CMO, founder mentor, marketing coach.
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With over 20 years experience in marketing for start-ups, scale-ups and challenger brands, my real joy lies in helping marketers and start-up leaders develop their skills and nurture success. I believe marketing achievement lies in a combination of emotional intelligence, customer empathy and pragmatic commercialism.
I can help you solve problems, tackle difficult situations, tame your inner critic and grow your business.

One client - a US business owner - recently said "It's great to have someone who will be honest and tell you to stop doing what it is you are doing, and get you back into doing great things."
Current Head of Partnerships at Wise says, "Richard is the best marketer I‘ve worked with."

I've held senior marketing positions at fintechs Funding Options, Touch Finanical, Digital Look & CMC Markets, also at telco TalkTalk and publishing companies Informa and Wolters Kluwer and I headed-up the growth function at greentech Switchd/MakeMyHouseGreen.
More recently, I have worked as a consultant or fractional CMO for B2B finance SaaS company Satago, start-up Scroll Finance and internationally renowned publisher Which?

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