Richard Palmer
 Quick Responder

Frontend Engineer & Engineering Mananger @ Freelance. Previously TransferWise

Hey friend ☺

I'm Richard, a frontend engineer with 10 years experience, leading teams and mentoring colleagues for as long as I can remember. Most recently I led a team of 6 engineers of varying levels of experience at Wise (formerly TransferWise).

I can help you with all things frontend be that the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, or the specifics of React, TypeScript or Next.js (all my projects use these three these days!)

I can also help you with creating an effective personal development plan, and navigating the difficulties of a software engineering career.

As a member of the indie hackers community, and founder of, if you're a non-technical founder looking for help in how to get started on your technical journey, or just a solo technical founder needing a sounding board, I can help you too.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

(P.S., if you'd like to see a little more about me, check out my Twitter, LinkedIn or website:

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