Hey! My name is Richie and I’m a Full-Stack Developer from Liverpool, UK. I recently exited one of my SaaS products. With my spare time, I thought I’d take up mentoring, and hopefully share some of the skills I’ve learnt over the years.

My background:
I have quite a varied background, I’ve worked for a few different web agencies, I’ve worked in-house for a large UK food brand, I’ve worked in-house for medium sized ecom brands, and now I’m working remotely on my SaaS that I exited (then re-entered as an employee 😂).

What I’m working on:
- Working on SEOCopy.ai full-time
- Currently building Reflio.com
- Built Question.to, in the process of selling more lifetime deals and scaling it.

Why I’m here:
Being remote and working alone can sometimes be demotivating, so I’m hoping to hold myself more accountable by being a part of a community of like-minded people 🤞

My goal:
I'd love to share some of my knowledge and help others create their own SaaS product.

What I can help with:
- Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React Native and Next.js)
- Back-end development (Python, Node.js, Postgres, Supabase)
- Exiting a product and what the process was like

Would love to get to know more of you, and I’ll definitely hop on to some of the upcoming sessions. Feel free to DM me 🙏


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