Rob Hitchens
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Blockchain Advisor, Solidity Expert @ various

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I lead the economic design, mechanism design, and software development for startups and help corporate clients bring initiatives to fruition. I am equally comfortable working with the C-Suite to work out what should be done and development teams working out how to make it happen.

Co-founder, Solidified (smart contract audits), lead instructor (B9lab), lead architect (various).

What students say

"Rob is a real quality mentor. He knows how to share his great knowledge even with a beginner such as myself. He knows how to encourage as a teacher and has rather interesting way of teaching by giving riddles in "Mr Miyagi" style. Also what's very valuable in my opinion, is the fact, that I'm being taught how to think like a senior professional from the get go. I really would like to thank Mr Rob, for his patience and overall openness he has during our sessions. I know for sure, that what I'm learning here, will be of great benefit to me in future."
Peter, October 2021
5 stars
"Rob is a quality mentor and I'm very happy I have this opportunity to learn from him. Thank you Rob! Thank you mentorcruise!"
Peter, October 2021
5 stars

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