Robin Garnham

Founder & CEO @ Pearler
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Hi, I'm Robin!

I started writing code when I was ten, and haven't ever stopped. I've founded a few businesses and currently working on as the CEO & Founder. I've been a 3x CTO/VP of Engineering. I'm deeply technical, and love working at the intersection of hard engineering problems that unlock business value.

I've held senior roles in a number of start-ups and ran a consultancy helping non-technical founders with their engineering teams (hiring, processes, solving problems)

My hands-on strengths in engineering are Solution Architecture, Front-end, Back-end, iOS, AWS. I'm the guy people bring in to solve the problems where others say "that can't be done". I have a passion for Product and Design. I've been tinkering with ML and Computer Vision for about a decade. Long time security enthusiast.

I've led teams of 50+ across all Product Engineering disciplines.

Here to give back and help people bring innovative products to market with less cash burn and better results.

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