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Robin Yancey

PhD Machine Learning Engineer
PhD/Postdoc Machine Learning Engineer and Former UC Davis ML Course Instructor
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Hi! My name is Robin. I have PhD and MS degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from UC Davis, where I was employed as the full instructor for the undergraduate Machine Learning Course. Afterwards, I completed a Machine Learning PostDoc at LLNL working on NIF during the recent world breakthrough achieving nuclear fusion. Throughout my university and postdoc research I not only published dozens of papers, but also developed many popular frameworks in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Data Science.

I do any type of mentoring/consulting (eg. PhD research projects, industry); ask me what you need help with! I also offer 3 different series of lessons (Python, ML, and DL). Some topics covered include the following:

Machine Learning:
- KNN, Decision Trees (including random forest, bagging, boosting), PCA, SVM, Linear and Polynomial Models (including GLM), Neural Networks (all both code in sklearn and mathematical theory)
- Prepare data for ML using Pandas (handle NAs, missing values, data type issues etc.)
- Core concepts: classification/regression, dimensionality reduction, over/under-fitting, k-fold testing, proper results/accuracy presentation, parallelization, hyper-parameter optimization, class imbalance, scaling and handling outliers

Deep Learning:
- Apply DL models in PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, and Scikit-Learn
- Build full train/test/eval frameworks 
- Understand how to choose loss functions, optimizers, and other DL hyperparameters
- Transfer Learning (and how to retrain or fine-tune off-the-shelf top models for other tasks)
- CNN, Transformers architecture breakdown and how to implement (eg. ViT, Swin, HuggingFace models etc.)
- Image classification, object detection, NLP
- GPU training, handling large tensor data, handling class imbalance
- Data transformations, augmentation
- Results analysis/reporting/plotting 

- Basics
- LeetCode problems and Interview prep (eg. Trees, Linked Lists, time-complexity, sorting)

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5 out of 5 stars

Session: OPEN

Robin was one of the best mentors I've ever had! Im so glad I chose to work with her over enrolling in a boring bootcamp. She is reliable and organized with her lessons, which cover all the most important topics/skills in the Machine Learning field (both hands-on coding and theory). She talked concepts through with me 1-on-1 and held me accountable for learning more each session (which worked so much better than a bootcamp because I get live help right when we are in the session). I look forward to working with her more in the future as she gives me guidance through the remainder of my education and work in industry in the field. I aced my interview and am now finishing up my degree program thanks to her help on the side. Thanks to her review questions, I had already practiced the questions they asked me in my interview. I am sure that this mentorship will continue to grow and she will be of big help when I am in my new job. Looking forward to learning more as she makes lessons both fun and informative.



5 out of 5 stars

Session: OPEN

I have been receiving guidance from Robin over the past few weeks in my journey to delve into the realm of machine learning and data science. As someone with a solid background in programming but lacking experience in ML, Robin tailored each session to suit my level of understanding, ensuring that I could grasp the intricate concepts with ease. Recognizing my preference for a hands-on approach paired with theory, she adjusted the lesson plans accordingly, facilitating a holistic learning experience. This approach is guiding me towards a deeper understanding of the subject matter and equipping me with the necessary skills to confidently apply these concepts in real-world scenarios. I wholeheartedly recommend Robin to anyone seeking guidance in machine learning and data science.



5 out of 5 stars

Session: OPEN

Robin is skilled in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and she's great at mentoring these subjects. She helped me not only with learning about Machine Learning but also in getting ready for job interviews. I had a session with her that made my interview feel easy, and I learned many important techniques in Machine Learning which will be very useful for my studies and for my future career in this field. Robin is experienced, kind, patient, and very supportive. If you're looking for a mentor in the Machine Learning area, I really recommend choosing her.

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