Robin Yancey

PhD Machine Learning Engineer
PhD/Postdoc Machine Learning (Computer Vision) Engineer and Former UCD ML Course Instructor
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Anyone who wants to learn machine learning, deep learning, and/or computer vison

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Hi! I am a former Machine Learning (ML) course instructor, researcher, and PhD graduate from UC Davis. I also completed an ML postdoc position at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where I built highly-optimized production-level computer vision models for the National Ignition Facility optical imaging (using tools such as OpenCV, PyTorch, and Pandas). These experiences have facilitated my publication of many papers as well as course materials in machine/deep learning and computer vision which I currently use to help tutor my students and learn these skills.Some of the main Python libraries I used for these were Pytorch, Tensorflow, Sklearn, Numpy, Pandas, and OpenCV. I am more than happy to help tutor/consult with anything related to these fields/libraries (eg. introductory NLP). I can also help with Python (eg. LeetCode) interview prep!

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