Sajjad Khan

Senior Vice President of Product Management @ Onesource Virtual
20 years of experience in Product Management
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Do you want to get stronger as a product leader? Do you want to learn how to interview for PM roles from junior to executive roles? Do you need to build your executive presence at your current company? Do you want to learn how to level set with others? Do you want to learn how to delegate your work to others and deliver feedback? Do you want to manage executive stakeholders and their feedback or even build out a product from scratch or product strategy?

I am a high energy product evangelist with over 20 years of experience in managing P&L of award winning global products generating well over $500M+ in bottom line. I have built teams from scratch, hired PM's and inspired passionate product teams to ideate through rapid prototyping and leverage design thinking methodology to create real products that solve real customer needs.

- PM Interview Process (Junior to Executive Roles)
- How to be a Product Leader regardless of levels
- How to create Executive Presence when presenting or engaging senior leaders
- How do you manage Stakeholders
- How do you manage and delegate & share feedback with your directs and peers
- How do you build Product Strategy and launch best in class products
- How do you develop your career in Product Management
- How you manage your team's performance

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