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Sam Ho

VP of Product Management
Product Leader, Founder/Entrepreneur, Ex-Google, Intel Glassdoor, ML/AI
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Having many varied roles on my own path to product management (engineering, sales, marketing, co-founder) I was lucky enough to have great mentors and coaches that guided me along my journey.

From the initial CTOs/GMs at Intel that advised me to understand marketing and sales (beyond engineering), to really learning a ton on the job about management and leadership at running a startup, while also learning a great deal on product process at different stages of companies (Kenshoo, Glassdoor) to most recently becoming VP of Product at Series C Startup where I was able to leverage all my learnings to scale the product process effectively.

I am also very much focused on the coaching mentality with all of my direct reports as you'll see from some of the recommendations left on my LinkedIn profile:


Gabriel Brown - Group PM
"Sam’s expertise in product runs deep. He is inventive and insightful. It’s clear he values learning about how others in the industry are approaching the practice. He brings this knowledge and idea of continuous improvement to his leadership. Whether it be suggesting a fresh approach, introducing a new framework, or challenging the convention, our team was consistently evolving how we managed, communicated, and documented. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I learned something new in every meeting with him."

Uday Marapalli - Product at Upwork
"As a people leader, Sam believes in taking bets on people from unconventional backgrounds, empowers PMs to take complete ownership of their product area and creates opportunities for their growth. I have completely felt at ease while discussing any aspects about work or sometimes even non work related items with Sam and have benefited from his unique insights & perspective. He is a thoughtful leader who always goes an extra mile to make sure that people bring their best selves to work."

Daniel Kent - Director of PM, Personalization at Dow Jones
"As a manager and mentor, Sam was supportive, both personally and in elevating the work of his team within Glassdoor. I had a lot of autonomy working with Sam but never felt that it came at the cost of specific feedback, recognition, or interest in my growth. I could go to Sam with any question and expect him to actively listen, discuss it with an open mind, and offer multiple perspectives and paths forward. Sam was passionate about product management and solving real problems for our customers. I left each session feeling empowered and ready for the next."

---- Background ----
Sam is currently the VP of Product at Sendoso, a Series C Startup at the intersection of marketplace, marketing automation and warehouse/logistics. He brings over 20 years of product/engineering and 15 years of sales, biz dev and advertising/marketing experience from the industry.

At Glassdoor, as the Director of Product Mgmt for ML Algos, Search and Discovery Platform he was responsible for delivering a highly personalized jobs/content discovery platform and product experience to job seekers leveraging ML and AI.

At Kenshoo, as the Director of Product for Data Decisioning at Kenshoo was focused on building out an Incrementality A/B Testing Platform as well as other areas such as Audience Insights and Social Platform (FB, IG, Snap, Pinterest, etc.)

At UpOut, in addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, he focused on strategic initiatives to fuel growth through sales/marketing and improving operational execution and efficiency.

At Google, he led the Android and Mobile Sales Engineering team as part of the Global Strategic Partnerships team. He has been part of the team that has signed partnerships with leading OEMs and Mobile Operators throughout the world including: Vodafone Global, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Docomo, KDDI, Softbank Mobile and Sony Ericsson (to name a few) and helped grow Google's Mobile business from $0 to $1B in annualized revenues. He also spent a number of years on the advertising side, advising top direct advertisers/agencies in the technology vertical across North America.

At Intel, in addition to various roles in chipset design and architecture, he spent much of his career as the Technical Marketing Engineer for Intel's Wireless Networking Group. In addition, Sam was part of the Intel's Centrino Mobile Technology campaign, evangelizing Wi-Fi at industry events around the world (which is now universally embedded in laptops).

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