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I'm the guy who scaled the global FinTech up to a $250M valuation.

My main superpower is the ability to transform weak businesses and poor-presented products, scaling them to profit. I have all the essential background of M&A's, investor relationships and full stack business development toolbox.

I want to offer my expertise to turn weak teams into A-players, weak products into revenue streams and scale companies into global industry leaders.

Growing up in a small town in Ukraine, I left school at 16 to support my family. My first job was in sales, and I made my first $100 in 2004. By 19, I had landed my first management position in a small advertising agency, and by 22, I had launched my first business with partners. Over the past 19 years, I have gained comprehensive, hands-on expertise in business strategies, financial modelling, product development, performance marketing, and inspirational leadership.

As a hands-on professional, I delve deep into every case, leading negotiations with clients and working with sales teams, marketing teams, data scientists, financial managers, business analysts, UX designers, and CTOs. My experience in product development, management, and marketing, as well as problem-solving and inspirational leadership, has allowed me to transform poor products and empower weak teams, resulting in the scaling of numerous successful ventures.

The last achievements

In my most recent position, I took over as CEO of AIR Media-Tech, a creator economy player. Despite the challenges posed by COVID and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we transformed the company from a local YouTube partner to a global creator economy leader, achieving record GMV and Net profit growth and a market valuation increase from $60M to $250M in just three years.

We made a few M&As and acquired a US-based competitor (top 50 out of Inc5000)

We built a global performance marketing function that results in 620% ROMI YoY and a product portfolio of 50+ products (SaaS, FinTech, Web 3.0, DeFi, Blockchain, Tokenisation & Investment + Game Development)

We scale our FinTech infrastructure to global payments platform in 44 countries (SWIFT, cards, PayPal, Payoneer, crypto) + advance payments & loans with an annual turnover of $100M

But more importantly, we built a servant leadership, ROI-oriented, no-bullshit culture with inspired high-performance A-players and Bureaucracy-free operations

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