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You've done your research and you've got a brilliant product on hands and you can't wait to see it sell like crazy.

But how do you actually get it to market?

Do you invest in Digital Marketing and SEO or do you hire a team of outbound sales people?

Do you start with emailing your Target Market asking for a meeting or do you boldly cold call them and pitch your product? And where in the world do you find the contact information?

And before all, what do you start with, how do you progress and how do you measure your success?

These are some of the common questions most early-stage entrepreneurs have to deal with at one point or another.

No one person has all the knowledge to get you started with (or scale) your business, because every business is different in its niche, product, structure, people behind it and the vision.

Facing these challenges at work not only as a team leader but also as a salesperson, I started doing my research and completed a Master course on the topic. Today I am mentoring a diverse group of entrepreneurs on a daily and would be happy to share industry best practices with you as well.

Here are some of the areas I commonly get requested to help with:
Sales process
Budget Planning
Target Market, Ideal Customer Profile
Marketing Content
Inbound vs. Outbound
Outreach and Prospecting tools
Sales Funnel and Conversion Rates
How to run Product Demos
Email cadences
Marketing and Sales Campaigns

A bit about myself and how I got to coaching/mentoring:

Growing up I remember myself as an introverted and awkward in communication youngster. Until one hot summer, some 8 years ago, when my life turned completely upside-down. It was a 3 months long, 6 days a week, 13 hours a day job, selling books door-to-door in Colorado, US. For breakfast I’d have “slammed doors” with “we’re calling the cops” on the side and “where am I sleeping tonight” al-dente for dinner. If you have to guess, it was not the easiest summer holiday, but boy did I learn to be persistent and follow-through.

Later I was selling cement b2b in Azerbaijan. It was a life on the road. Then I jumped into a hardcore over-the-phone event sales, the “Wolf of the Wall st.” style. Shortly after that, I joined a software startup in Prague and have been in the B2B SaaS space since then, opening doors to new business, closing enterprise deals, scaling teams and training sales people.

Over the years I found that what adds balance and fulfillment to my life more than anything else is helping people succeed. Today it is my passion to share knowledge through mentoring entrepreneurs and sales teams to see the former stack their business growth and the latter become extremely good in the field.


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