saurabh goel
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Principal Data Scientist | 4x AWS | Predictive Analysis | Machine Learning | MSc AI | DatSci 2019 Finalist @ UHC

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As a data scientist with an enriching experience of 10 years, I am skilled in leading analytic practices and methods, designing and leading iterative development and learning cycles, and ultimately producing new and creative analytic solutions that become part of the enterprise. Specializing in Python, SQL, Tableau, SAS & R for data analysis & machine learning - experience in building regression models and classifiers. Strong background in applied machine learning, data science, predictive analytics.

Over the years, I have acquired expertise in conducting Quantitative Analysis across the organization to help business and technical strategies by processing, analyzing, and interpreting huge data sets.
I leverage my skills in improving existing methodologies by acquiring data sources, testing model enhancements, and
fine-tuning model parameters. Besides, I have a strong captivity of building deep-learning methods; developing machine Learning apps according to customer/client requirements with a strong experience in NLP (Natural Language Processing).

What students say

"He was really helpful and open to answers at any time"
Andre, October 2021
5 stars
"I would recommend Saurabh highly. He guided me in the right direction and helped me understand the basics and a few advanced concepts of natural language processing. He is well informed in the domain, very friendly and easy to connect with. "
V, September 2021
5 stars

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