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My entire professional career has been in technology and I continue to love it. And it's always changing, whether it's a new technical stack or business domain, and rarely boring!

I bring a wealth of experience to share with you, acquired in 30+ years of software engineering, in different roles, business domains, technical stacks, company size. I've been both an individual contributor and technical leader. I've done greenfield development and maintained legacy apps. I've spoken at conferences and user groups.

I've mentored colleagues and friends for years and helped design/enhance their career path, whatever that means to them: dissecting immediate engineering problems; changing skills, responsibilities, roles; navigating corporate politics; determining what they like/dislike; identifying it's time to change jobs. Many of these colleagues and friends tell me what a difference it made making that next jump forward.

Let's meet to talk about what you're looking for in a mentor and we'll figure out what are the things we can do to help jump-start things!

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