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Marketing and growth specialist with more than 10 years of experience.
Having worked within different industries and fields, I amassed expertise in marketing, sales, growth hacking, branding, and communication strategies. On top of it, I understand UX Design (I have some experience there as well), product design and development, and how they are related to marketing and sales.

I can help you with both technical marketing and sales stuff, such as automation and understanding your data and KPIs or understanding SEO, as well as with creative: writing spot-on descriptions for businesses and products, ads, and whatnot.

My strengths are:
- Analytics and data interpretation (Google Analytics, KPIs, ROI and how to measure it)
- Creative copywriting (the one that ChatGPT isn't capable of)
- Lead Generation (from defining your ICP to where and how to acquire leads)
- Product Marketing (unique value proposition, how to define and bring the value of your product to customers)
- Marketing Strategy (defining your marketing strategies based on goals and KPIs and budget as well)

I'm passionate about great products, improving myself, helping others, anime, and Japanese culture.

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