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Shanice Cameron-Richards

Process Improvement Manager @ Amazon
Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Manager
United Kingdom Active 3 months ago


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Hi, I'm Shanice! I am a Process Improvement Manager for Amazon (Prior to this I worked for Barclays Bank) and a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma. My experience comprises of over 5 years with proven expertise leveraged to maintain highest possible standards and deadline-
driven transformations for large corporations.

Get in touch if you are interested in:
• Designing and implementing change, process improvements, and leading strategic business initiatives for organisational growth and development.
• Restructuring management practices, identifying potential growth opportunities and developing customised solutions to accomplish designated business targets.
• Project management and cost control procedures to attain set objectives.
• Developing and executing specialised programs and project plans, managing administrative and technical operations, alongside identification and strengthening of weak business areas.

A few of my Areas of Expertise include:
Change Management / Six Sigma Methodology / Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Project Planning & Management / Operational Transformation / Agile
Stakeholder Engagement / Performance Management / Strategic Relationship
Data Analytics & Reporting/ Customer Service Excellence / Team Building

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