Shashank Soni

Sr. Engineering Manager @ Okta
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Shashank Soni stands as a beacon in the realm of software engineering leadership, with over 15 years of experience shaping the course of engineering teams at notable companies including his current role as Engineering Leader at Okta. He has consistently leveraged his vast expertise to innovate within the domain of engineering management, reinforcing agile methodologies, refining system architectures, and improving team performance across critical projects. His tenure at Yelp as an Engineering Manager saw him at the helm of initiatives that engineered scalable Salesforce solutions for an extensive sales organization, while his role as an Engineering Lead at Salesforce was marked by leading enterprise SaaS projects that significantly influenced revenue streams.

Shashank's journey is distinguished by his adeptness at thriving within both the dynamic atmosphere of startups and the strategic frameworks of large-scale enterprises. He excels in discovering and developing talent, creating a nurturing environment that enables engineers to progress from individual contributor roles to pivotal leadership positions. His leadership style transcends mere management, aiming to inspire, drive innovation, and instill best practices across technological and organizational dimensions.

His dedication to excellence is evident in his approach to complex project management, system optimization for enhanced scalability and efficiency, and proactive engagement in stakeholder management and conflict resolution. Shashank's vision for mentorship goes beyond conventional boundaries, focusing on cultivating a new generation of engineering leaders who are technically adept and equally proficient in the nuances of team development, strategic execution, and career evolution.

Mentees looking to sharpen their engineering management acumen, transition into influential leadership roles, or tackle the challenges of scaling teams and projects will find in Shashank an unparalleled mentor. His extensive experience, strategic foresight, and innovative mindset promise to guide them toward achieving unparalleled professional development, innovative breakthroughs, and leadership success.

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