Silvina Couto

Senior Design Consultant @ Infinity Works part of Accenture
15+ years design experience. Specialised in helping you navigate your career with confidence
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I'm a designer with a background in Fine Arts, Human-Computer Interaction and Business Administration. Seasoned in user experience, service design and research, I have helped designers worldwide to navigate their careers with confidence.

My mentorship is great for you if you:

➡️ Are a values-driven designer
➡️ Want to increase your confidence
➡️ Have a hard time influencing stakeholders
➡️ Are not getting guidance or support at work
➡️ Are looking for a new job

As a mentor I can help you:

👉 Craft your career path: Discover your purpose, set ambitious goals, harness your strengths, align with your values, and build a personal brand you're proud of.

👉 Cultivate a growth mindset: Unlock your employability by embracing continuous learning and personal development, empowering you to thrive in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

👉 Forge standout documents: Craft a captivating CV and cover letter that grab attention, leaving a lasting impression and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

👉 Showcase your brilliance: Develop a powerful portfolio that showcases your skills, creativity, and expertise.

👉 Master the interview game: Excel in interviews and conquer whiteboard challenges as I guide you through proven strategies, providing feedback and fine-tuning your design work along the way.

👉 Unleash your UX potential: Assess your current UX skills, guiding you on a career path that leads to your desired goals, navigating the dynamic world of UX design, service design, and research.

I am passionate about forging connections with folks, and I thrive on sharing my expertise and experience to empower and uplift our vibrant community.

Alternatively, I have compiled techniques and frameworks that have helped me to gain skills and confidence to grow my career in my course 'Become a more confident designer':

Let's connect:

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