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Former Director of Product Design at Patreon, Design Manager at Google Maps (invented the Popular Times feature ⏰ ), startup founder at Google's Area 120 incubator, and Design Lead at Time Magazine. Currently advising startups.

I help designers break into tech giants & startups, and navigate their careers. As a hiring manager, I've interviewed hundreds of applicants. As a mentor I've helped designers grow their careers:
- Interviews: Mastering the design interview & portfolio presentation
- Leveling-up: college › first job › senior › manager/strategic
- Deciding which companies to target: big company vs early stage vs agency

Inquiries: [email protected]

What students say

"It's worth every minute. As an early-career UXer, I approached Simon to advance my career and have been delighted with my decision. It's pretty rare to have someone as a mentor who shares both practical skills and guides you with a growth mindset. Simon helps me in various fields, including career path strategy, Master program guides, and interview preparation. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and trustful in each area. He has recently helped me land an ideal as a product designer. Simon is caring, thoughtful, and kind. Every conversation we had was delightful. I was always looking forward to every meeting, as he made working and growing together so much fun and highly effective. Thank you so much, Simon!!"
Tabitha, May 2022
5 stars

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