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You're a business owner, new to sales (management) or need some sales guidance and direction

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It can be daunting looking for a mentor right?
I offer over 20 years of global sales management experience across almost every product and service imaginable. I have developed a method known as "Silent Sales" and will be able to use this experience and these building blocks to tailor mentoring sessions to suit you and your business.

I'm very approachable, friendly, patient, supportive and understanding. But I'll also provide you with the accountability, knowledge, skills, tools and direction you need. I also tend to work best with people who have a great sense of humour.

Most of my sales mentees are:-
Business owners
New to sales
Experienced sales account managers, representatives or business development managers

So long as you speak English I'll be able to help you over Zoom (or Google Meet if you prefer).

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you on your sales journey.

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