Socrates Kolios

Product Designer @ Toptal xEY
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I'm a Product Designer from Athens, Greece operating in London, UK for the last 10 years.

I have worked mainly in the SaaS space helping design, plan, and release products from conception to launch.

Having worked with a variety of companies, from big corporations to startups I have a wide breadth of experience for operating in each space, understanding how requirements change and how to produce value in each environment.

My experience ranges from product strategy and design thinking to introducing UX design practices and cultures into organizations.

Additionally, I am currently a mentor for University Arts London helping recent grads with their first career steps in design.

Ways I can assist you:
• CV and portfolio reviews, including interview take-home exercises
• Interview techniques and prep
• Advice on growing specific skillsets or pivoting in a specialisation
• Advice for uni students, recent graduates, and those changing careers
• Career advice


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