Stas Nikitin

Co-founder & Senior UX/UI @ Digitup Studio
10+ experience in building digital products
Spain Active last month


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👋 Hey there!

🧑‍💻 My name is Stas and i am a big fan of building digital products and startups. In fact, i am currently running my own digital studio.

🚀 Before telling you my story i think it is important to mention that my studio is based in Madrid and it's made up of experts from different areas. We combine the knowledge and skills of the entire team to create web design and development solutions, as well as mobile applications. You can read about my team here:

🙋 Now a little bit about myself. With over 10 years of experience i worked with more than 60 startups from different areas and launched 8 personal projects, 2 of them succeeded. As a freelancer i designed over 80+ websites, created over 30+ brands and built over 40+ apps. Some of the big companies i worked with: Accenture, Carrefour, Iberia, Indra, Inditex, Mapfre, Santander and Vodafone. By the way, i am on the list of TOP 10 best UX/UI designers on Have a look at my profile:

🗣 Since i don't have any linguistic barriers (i fluently speak 4 languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese), my clients are usually people from all around the world, companies and startups of all sizes.

📱 If you have some interesting ideas to develop, build a beautiful brand or product, design outstanding app or website or simply ask me a question or for advice, get in touch me and we can arrange our first meeting.

💪 I am totally sure that I can contribute to your professional success!



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