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You never stop thinking about how to build, grow and survive..
You're anxious if you take a day off, everything you've created will collapse..
You're becoming a victim of your own success, of your own business...

To all founders and owners, I hear you. I've been there and it's painful.

I'm supporting leaders in business bring the same success and fulfilment at work to their personal life and excel in both.

Stefano dedicates his energy and passion to founders, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.
He improves their lives by protecting one from the other and creating exponential results in both.
He helps founders create more time, achieve more doing less & live a more fulfilling personal life.
He works with 1000-day+ business owners / survivors to THRIVE in the next 1000.

"I always chose the hard path. Making and creating everything for myself.

I haven't spent 20 years working in corporate.
I've never had the fancy office with the park view.
Have never seen a performance bonus or staff health care plan.

I did have a career in education.
I have created multiple businesses.
I have built communities and lead leaders.

This is why I need to support other founders and business owners. Thanks to my own experiences and lessons learned."

- Founders & owners who are ultra driven and never reach the end goal...
- Men & women changing the world around them but feel they're constantly fighting an uphill battle...
- Leaders unafraid of facing their fears because they know growth and success lays on the other side...

...are the types of people Stefano is passionate about working with.

Learn more at www.stefanopalumbo.com


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