Steven Clay

Release Manager @ Epic Games
10 Years in Game Development, 7 in Quality Assurance and 3 in Project Management
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Hello! I've been working in Video Game Development for the last 10 years. I started my career as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Riot Games, transitioned to a Quality Lead, then Release Manager, Producer 2, and currently Senior Game Producer. My direct experience falls in the realm of QA, Program/Project Management, Release Management, Build Architecture and Infrastructure, and releasing on mobile platforms. I did all of these in launching the hit digital card game title Legends of Runeterra, and saw that game through to ship all the way from prototype to global launch on PC, iOS, and Android.

I am currently working for Zwift as a Senior Game Producer, running releases and providing expertise to the organization on how to effectively mature their development and release pipelines, both in tooling and process.

If you're interested in making a transition from Quality Assurance into Production, want to understand what a proper build, test, and release pipeline and branching strategy looks like, or how to set up a Live Operations team and infrastructure, I believe I can be of great assistance to you!


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