Subhankar Ghosh

Applied Research Scientist @ NVIDIA
5+ years of experience in Machine learning and Software Engineering
India Active last month


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Hey there, thanks for visiting my profile. I am Subhankar and I am an Applied Research Scientist by profession. I have 5+ years of experience in Software engineering, artificial intelligence research, and mentorship. I thoroughly enjoy my work at the intersection of Software engineering and machine learning. With my background in Computer science and Statistics, I have guided many students and professionals towards a successful career path. I believe in balance, so my approach is always balanced, stable, and focused on getting a grasp of the artisanship in your field.

I have mentored many students and professionals in the past. I believe in a more dedicated approach, and I value quality over quantity. So, I mentor only few mentees but I am fully involved in their process instead of taking up many mentees and not giving enough time to all.