Suraj M S

Founder, Ex-AI/SWE @ Third Polaris
5+ years in ML research and engineering across AR, autonomous driving, biotech at early to large startups
United Kingdom Active 2 months ago


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I'm an entrepreneur with a background in applied machine learning. My passion lies at the intersection of climate, machine learning and early-stage startups.
I spent a considerable part of my career in early-stage high impact startups where I worked on city-scale augmented reality systems, self-driving cars and used novel machine learning methods to speed up drug discovery.
I have worked both in early stage (pre-seed startups) and large orgs (Lyft) across projects that mixed ML research, data engineering and large-scale system design. During this period, I also had the opportunity to mentor interns and early-career employees across machine learning, software engineering, and career growth. I also got to design and run interviews for software engineers and ML engineers.
In addition, I was also a founder-in-residence at Entrepreneur First.

Currently, I'm building an early startup in the climate/energy space and can offer advice on early stage startups, machine learning research, software engineering, general career growth and ML and software engineering interview preparation.

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